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As we talk with urban ministry practitioners and those involved with urban missions and ask them what they need more than anything else, the answer is almost always the same… people!  For many working among the poor and marginalized in our nation, the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.  As a result, one of our primary goals is mobilization.  We have opportunities for short term urban mission trips for groups as well as opportunities for individuals to be mobilized to serve and share the love of Christ with some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the United States.  For more information on how you or your group can get involved, click here!

Community Ministry

Kaleo staff serve in each of our cities on a year-round basis.  In addition to hosting our urban short term mission trips and our interns, they also serve their community in direct ways.  Since each of our cities is different and the passions and giftings of our staff are varied, the particular ministry of each Kaleo team is unique.  However, in each ministry our staff is involved with, our values drive what we do and how we serve.


Racism, systemic poverty, homelessness, immigration, refugee crisis, working poor, slavery, trafficking.  These are all issues facing our world today.  How does the church respond?  How do Christians respond?  Kaleo desires to help Christians answer these questions.  We desire to help the church not only be aware of these issues, but also to think about how we should engage in the world around us.  As a result, on our Urban short term mission trips, we spend intentional time in learning activities where we learn to look at issues facing our world and our cities today through the lens of the Gospel.