For a five night trip, your total cost will be $315 and for a six night trip, the total cost will be $365.  This includes all of your housing, food, ministry itinerary, ministry supplies and on-site staff to guide your team through your missions experience.

Team Structure

If you will be bringing a group of more than 12 people, we will have you help us divide your group into separate teams for our ministry time.  Smaller team sizes help each participant play a more important role on the team and can be much easier for our partner ministries to handle.  Having 12 or less people on each ministry team will also create a more open atmosphere for the debriefing times with the Kaleo staff.  Keeping the teams small helps ensure that all students are a part of the team and are able to be personally challenged.

Leader/Student Ratio

You will need to send one leader for each 6 students.  Minimum participant age is 12 for San Diego, Portland, Minneapolis and Dallas, and Jackson (exceptions will be made for family groups).  In New Orleans, the minimum age is 14.

Trip Length

The standard lengths of our Spring Break and summer trips are 5-6 nights, depending on your availability.  However, if you are interested in other dates throughout the year, the length of trips are more flexible.  To view available dates, click here.

What are You Responsible For?

Your will need to provide for your own gas and meals while in travel to the city, your transportation for the duration for the trip, your own health insurance, souvenirs, recreational expenses, and parking expenses.  If your group is over 12 people and needs to be divided, you will need to arrange for separate transportation for each team.


Sign up your team by clicking here to go to our online registration, or by printing out the registration and mailing it to us at the address provided.  After you register, we will contact you to let you know if your particular dates are available and your application is approved.  If you would prefer, you can call us at 469-319-0208 to verify availability prior to registering.  Once your trip has been approved, you will need to make a deposit of $60 per person in order to reserve your trip.  You will be able to make your payment through PayPal through our website or you may register by mail and send a check along with your paper registration. Click here to download a printable registration form. Groups will be guaranteed space on a first come, first served basis based on when their payment arrives (paying online will guarantee your space more quickly than paying by mail).


When registering, you’ll designate a “primary contact” for your group. The primary contact will receive all mission trip communications.  This individual will be responsible for relaying information to your group and distributing, collecting, and returning all required forms to Kaleo Missions at least six weeks before your trip starts.


We have well-situated housing available to us in each of our cities.  Contact us if you have questions about housing in a particular city.


We will provide all of your meals, including dinner at a local restaurant, to encourage you to experience the city’s culture. You will eat breakfast at the Kaleo Center and will either eat lunch back at the Kaleo Center or pack up a sack lunch to take with you when you leave to go minister.


You are responsible for your team’s transportation.  All groups must bring adult drivers with vehicles that can be used the entire week to transport project crews to and from sites. If you will be arriving by plane or bus, you will need to make necessary arrangements for vehicles for the remainder of your trip.  If your group is over 12 people and needs to be divided, you will need to arrange for separate transportation for each team.  Additionally, we ask that you leave space in each vehicle for a Kaleo staff member to accompany you to your ministry site.

Financial Deadlines

After paying the deposit for your trip to reserve your trip, you will make a second payment of half the remaining balance six weeks before arrival (for Spring Break trips) or twelve weeks before arrival (for Summer trips).  This second payment is non-refundable.  If payment is not received by the deadline, space(s) may be canceled.

The remaining balance for your trip will be due two weeks before you arrive.  To assist you, we will inform you of these amounts once you register your group.


When we receive your deposit we will commit your group to serving in various ministries in the city. Your cancellation may be damaging to our reputation as a ministry, to the organizations we serve with and may detract from opportunities other groups would have had to serve.  If you wish to cancel your group or reduce the number of participants, you must call Kaleo Missions to adjust your account.

If you cancel a participant, the deposit will be forfeited. Forfeited deposits cannot be applied to an account balance or to another group. However, they may be used to add a new participant to your group.

Registration amounts paid (less deposit amounts) are refundable when Kaleo Missions is notified at least six weeks (Spring Break) or twelve weeks (Summer) before the start of your trip.  All monies to date will be forfeited for cancellations less than six weeks (Spring Break) or twelve weeks (Summer) from the start of your trip.  For cancellations less than two weeks out, you will be responsible for the full cost of the trip.


When you arrive at the Kaleo Ministry Site, you will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance for proof of coverage.  This certificate is available from your organization’s insurance provider.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please call us at 469-319-0208 or email us at  We look forward to working with you!

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