When combined with its twin city (Saint Paul) right next door, it has a population of approximately 3.6 million people.  Additionally, it has a theater system second only to New York, has a city park system that comprises almost 17% of the city, essentially having 770 square feet of park per resident of the city. Minneapolis is also one of the most walkable cities, ranked 9 out of the 50 major metropolitan areas.  Finally, Minneapolis is one of the most educated cities, has some of lowest rates of unemployment and is one of the most philanthropic cities in the United States with over 40% of the residents actually giving time to volunteer in charitable work.

In other words, Minneapolis is more than what initially meets the eye.  This is true of the needs in the city as well.  While the city does have some of the best social services, it also has a lot of need.  According to the United Way, in the Twin Cities, 680,000 people are living in or at the edge of poverty and 32 percent of those are children.  Additionally, there are over 10,000 homeless people in the Twin Cities and at least 2500 unaccompanied youth on the streets each night.

Another aspect of Minneapolis that few people know is the diversity that exists in the city.  In the last three decades, it is estimated that 95,000 refugees from over 90 countries have been resettled in the Twin Cities area.  In fact, the Twin Cities has the largest Hmong and Somali communities of any other city in the United States.

These lesser known realities of the Twin Cities provide many incredible opportunities for us to partner with ministries and churches in the area who are daily serving the needs of both the international community and those experiencing homelessness and poverty.  We would love for you to come and partner with us in the Twin Cities as we both serve alongside of our incredible partner ministries, as well as learn from them more about what it means to live out the Gospel in our own communities.

We invite you to bring your group to come and serve alongside of us on an urban Minneapolis short term mission trip.