Check out our promotional resources below.  We have included both materials that can be used digitally and those that can be printed and distributed to your group/church.  We hope this will help you in getting your team excited about their urban missions experience.  Below you will find a customizable flier, city specific resources and several versions of the Kaleo logo. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Customizable Flier 

You can use this flier for any of our cities.  You or your students just have to write in the details.  Click the links below to download the flier.  It is designed to be printed front and back three on a sheet.  We recommend using glossy paper if available.

Flier – Front Page

Flier – Back Page

City Specific Resources 

Click on the name of your city below to find a fact sheet for the city you are going as well as some images that you can use in power points or other digital materials.

Portland Fact Sheet

Powerpoint Promotional Slides:

San Diego Fact Sheet

Powerpoint Promotional Slides:

Dallas Fact Sheet

Powerpoint Promotional Slides:

New Orleans Fact Sheet

Powerpoint Promotional Slides:

Minneapolis Fact Sheet

Powerpoint Promotional Slides:

Kaleo Logos 

Please feel free to use these logos in your promotional materials.  If you need a different format, let us know and we will try to get you what you need.

Kaleo Video 

Click the link below to be taken to a Kaleo promo video on Vimeo.  You will be able to download the video from the Vimeo site.