Serving in the “City of Soul”

Ronnie DavisGospel, Jackson

“We don’t need more superstars we need more Gospel-centered churches, working as the body to bring the Gospel to the nations” -lyric from Exile Dial Tone by Beautiful Eulogy

Scott and Candiss Fortenberry have followed God’s calling to bring the Gospel to the heart of the “City of Soul,” Jackson, Mississippi.  If you have studied the ongoing story of Civil Rights in America, you know that a crucial road leads to the heart of the “City of Soul:” the Freedom Riders’ journey ended in Jackson, Mississippi.  The Freedom Riders were a brave, determined group of Americans, and from day one (May 4, 1961) the group consisted of both black and white citizens.  Their story is inspiring and moving, and many of their personal convictions lay in Gospel-truths.  The Freedom Riders’ story also demonstrates the responsibility that lies on Christians of every race to demonstrate the unique power of the Gospel to bring us together for God’s glory and purposes.

Bring your youth group to Jackson for the opportunity to engage with your hands, feet, ears and heart in the story of the Imago Dei.  The “Imago Dei” is the principle that each person is created in the “Image of God” with value and worth based on their creator, rather than any external aspect that culture or history might project on us.  Even if you don’t know much about Civil Rights history, this trip is a wonderful opportunity to learn from passionate Christian leaders, embedded in local ministry, in the local history, and with a heart for educating in love and hope through the lens of the Gospel.

Mission team learns from Dr. John Perkins, American Christian minister, civil rights activist, Bible teacher, author, philosopher and community developer.

On a Kaleo mission trip in Jackson, Mississippi, your team will serve with the Fortenberrys through their church plant in the heart of midtown Jackson.  You will serve, and you will have an opportunity to learn.

In the words of youth director Abie Jacob, who brought his team to serve in Jackson, “The trip was more than what we could’ve imagined. We went with a plan to give and serve but we ended up receiving far more than what we could ever give.”

Included in your mission trip is admission to two critical historical experiences: the home of Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers and the brand new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.  Your team will also have the opportunity to hear from local leaders and to serve with local ministries who are faithfully demonstrating the hope of the Gospel in their local community.

A student who served with Kaleo in Jackson said, “My mission trip experience in Jackson, Mississippi gave way to a renewed perception of my own mission field at home. From the school campus I attend, to the very streets I walk and drive on, the level of opportunity given to me to show Christ’s love to others highlights how God has strategically placed each one of us exactly where we need to be. Our mission team, led by Pastor Scott, had the chance to partake in various activities that promoted the betterment of a gradually-progressing community. But, more than simply serving the city of Jackson, Mississippi, this eye-opening experience imparted to me a new sense of what it means to be on a “mission” – that is, to reach out to the world via Christ’s love to ultimately fulfill the Great Commission. ”

Please consider bringing your youth group to partner with Kaleo Missions and Soul City Church in Jackson, Mississippi for this unique and compelling experience serving and learning.  Click here for more information.