Urban Immersion is our week long urban short term missions experience for groups.  Each year, we have hundreds of people come to each Kaleo city to serve alongside of our incredible staff and ministry partners.  For each of our Urban Immersion experiences, we create an itinerary that allows the participants to see how God is working in the city and to serve alongside of incredible year-round ministries.  Our city staff work closely with each of our ministry partners in the city to identify ways that Kaleo short term mission teams can assist and enhance their existing ministry.  While we do serve in a variety of ways, the focus of everything we do is getting people face to face with other people.  We place participants in position to hear the stories of people of various backgrounds, and challenge the participants to listen to what God is doing in the lives of others, be prepared to share what God is doing in their life, and to find connection points to sharing the Gospel.  For more information on our urban short term missions trips, check out our Urban Immersion page.  

Kaleo Missions hosts short term mission trips in San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Dallas, TX; and New Orleans, LA!  To read more about each of these where you group can serve, click here

Kaleo Urban Immersion mission trips are either 5 or 6 nights long.  For a five night trip, the cost is $300 and for a six night trip, the cost is $360.  For more details, click here.

The mission of Kaleo is to care for the vulnerable and marginalized in the urban areas of the United States.  For more information about our ministry priorities, click here.

To sign up, just click the “Register My Group” button below to go to our online registration form.  Once you have registered, in order for you to officially reserve your spots, you have to pay a deposit of $60 per person.  For more information on the group registration process, click here.

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As a summer intern, you will serve alongside our year-round Kaleo staff in each of our cities.  Additionally, you have an amazing opportunity to not only live and serve in the urban context for the entire summer, but you also have the opportunity to lead others into opportunities to serve as well as you host our short term missions teams.  In other words, you get the chance to both serve the city and to develop leadership skills as you lead others.  We have been thankful to have incredible interns serving with us over the years and would love for you to join us in one of our cities!

To be a summer intern with Kaleo, you have to have graduated high school.  We do occasionally have older people apply, but the majority of our applicants are college age or in their early twenties.

Yes!  In each of our cities, we have a staff team of 4-6 people depending on the ministry site.  You will live in Christian community with one another and serve alongside of one another throughout the summer.

We have worked with several different college and universities to provide our interns with credit for their time serving with Kaleo.  We would be happy to work with your school if you would like to get internship credit.

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Our year-long Urban Residency is an opportunity for college-aged Christians who want to work, live, and serve in the city. This is not your typical urban ministry internship.  We believe that every Christian, in whatever profession they are training for, benefit by time spent serving in the city.  We believe that the complex challenges facing the vulnerable and marginalized in our country, need to be addressed by future leaders in all professions who are dedicated to serving the Lord.

Therefore, our Urban Residency is an opportunity for any Christian to spend a year in ministry, discipleship, Biblical Studies, leadership training, and learning about urban issues.   We believe that all Christians are called to pursue justice, irregardless of our vocation.

Check out the tabs below for more information on a Kaleo’s Urban Residency.

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