Kaleo in New York City!

Ronnie DavisNew York

We can hardly contain our excitement about the opportunity to bring our ministry to New York City and begin hosting mission teams this coming summer of 2018.  As you will see later in this post, for many reasons, it has been a dream of ours to mobilize teams to serve this great city.  However, when Kaleo establishes a ministry presence in a city, we intend … Read More

A Hopeful Generation

Ronnie DavisPortland, Urban Ministry

By Lauren, Kaleo Portland Staff Each week in Portland we take teams downtown to have lunch with the homeless. Before scouring the waterfront for some company, we emphasize to the teams that our mission is not just to feed, but to connect; to offer a listening ear, to share stories, to recognize the brokenness we’re all akin to in this world. However, this is not a … Read More

Rich and Poor Have This in Common

Ronnie DavisPortland

By Janell, Kaleo Portland Staff Proverbs 22:2. “Rich and poor have this in common: the Lord is Maker of them all.”  For the purpose of this post, I am approaching this verse in a very literal sense, the rich and poor being the financially rich and the financially poor. For the longest time, I only looked at this verse from … Read More

Learning From Unexpected Friends

Ronnie DavisNew Orleans, Why We Do What We Do

By Ashley, Kaleo New Orleans Staff I have come to the conclusion if it was not for The Vieux (Kaleo’s hosting church in New Orleans, pastored by Tom Bilderback, Kaleo New Orleans City Director), I don’t think I would have found a passion God has given me.  Some of the people I met this summer were Mama Rose, Tommy, Rita, … Read More

Reconciliation for God’s Glory

Ronnie DavisDallas, Jackson, Kaleo Staff, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Portland, San Diego, Why We Do What We Do

Author: Jenny, Kaleo Staff Anticipation.  What is God going to do? It takes so much planning and preparation to get ready for the moment that the caravan of vans leaves the church parking lot and sets off on the direction set by their GPS.  The road trip is filled with the anticipation, and even anxiety about, what will we be … Read More

Ministry Spotlight: Urban Action

Ronnie DavisDallas, Urban Ministry

In 1981 Jerry and Mavis Nkosi moved from South Africa to South Dallas to follow God’s call to “build a ministry that would serve as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark and dreary place.”  They started Urban Action with a heart for reaching children for Christ, and 36 years later, at 87 years of age, Mavis continues the … Read More

Mercy Begets Mercy

Ronnie DavisKaleo Staff, New Orleans

Author: Cassie, Kaleo New Orleans Staff Mercy begets mercy, and your presumption is telling, and justice – it costs a lot – a lot more than they’re selling it for. Mercy is not a price-point And people are not a product And you are not a commodity, But you will be the unbuilding of this hissing misappropriated as, holy. Do … Read More

Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep

Ronnie DavisPortland, Urban Ministry

Author: Kallee, serving on staff with Kaleo Portland “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Romans 12:15). I feel like I have had the kinds of life experiences that give me the ability to understand the beauty of the first part of that verse and I am able to do so fairly well. However, I feel as though … Read More

The Only True Light

Ronnie DavisNew Orleans

Author: Kallee serving on staff with Kaleo in New Orleans Abuse. Neglect. Drugs. Sex. Jail. Teen pregnancy. Gangs. Violence. Death. All of these things are much too familiar for the kids of the New Orleans community. Kaleo Missions partners with a local Baptist church who knows the challenges these kids face, and that is why they lead a Bible club for … Read More

What Tough Love Truly Looks Like

Ronnie DavisNew Orleans, Uncategorized, Urban Ministry

Author: Adam serving on staff with Kaleo in New Orleans This summer with Kaleo has been an awesome experience full of blessings and challenges. It has given me the opportunity to meet many cool people and to participate in God’s mission in ways I never have before. There are dozens and dozens of stories I could share from my time here … Read More